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The Totem Tribe Walkthrough covers a variety of topics including detailed information on how to pass each level, general tips, battle tips, hidden treasure and chest objects, gems, shaman masks, and more.
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1. Build 3 huts (build only 1 at a time to acquire more workers quicker, workers will become available shortly after a hut is built; 3 workers can dwell in a hut. You can only place a hut in an area if there is a green highlighted outline around the hut.
2. Build a Scout Lodge.
3. Locate the Tear of Heaven. Select the eye icon that is generated after a Scout Lodge is erected; this will give you an exploration flag to place on the island. Go northwest until you see a purple crystal put the eye flag on the purple crystal. You will only be able to see sections of the island and may need to place several flags going northeast before seeing the crystal.
4. Select the crystal to pick it up.
5. Read all the guide stones to get hints for the game (they read as follows):

  • Words of wisdom are unscripted on these old guide stones.
  • Train more workers (build huts) to finish building faster.
  • Up to 3 workers can dwell in a single hut.
  • Most buildings can not be built far from others.
  • You have to construct a Scout Lodge in order to train Scouts.
  • Scouts have good sight range and are very agile
  • Use the exploration flag to mark the territory that you want your Scouts to explore
  • Try not to miss strange items. It could be something important.
  • Good things come to those who seek them! (this is on the island in the northeast...you'll be able to see this when your scouts can swim)
    6. Time to go to Mushroom Island. You'll need to return to Tetala Island to locate jewels on the northwest corner of the island after your Scouts can swim.

    Guide Stones:
  • Fighters are your basic defenders; they are strong and tough.
  • Each barrack provides you with 6 fighters.
  • The more barracks you build the more fighters you will have.
  • Select an attack flag and press the cancel button above it if you want your troops to retreat.
  • There are plenty of jewels scattered through the islands. Try to find them all.

    Objectives and Strategies:
    1. Train fighters by building a barrack. Each barrack provides 6 fighters.
    2. Build 1 Hut, 2 or more Barracks (personally I prefer 3 barracks) and a Scout Lodge. I prefer to build the Barracks before the Scout Lodge as a small amount of mushrooms will attack your camp before all the buildings are completed. You don't want to loose many of your tribe now do you?
    3. Select the Battle icon and head your troops south to kill some Mushrooms. Boy, your tribe doesn't move very fast!
    4. Select and drag your mouse to explore the entire island to pick up 7 different colored gems. You'll need to look for gems on each island you visit.
    5. Oops, more 'shrums' further south better send the fighters; there's more in store for you.
    6. Chieftain Guro will appear and be part of your tribe after the fighters have defeated the mushrooms. You will need to protect Guro and Aruku for the rest of the game. Should they die, your missions will fail.

    Guide stones:

  • Try to build a tower near each guide stone on the island.
  • Towers can be built in any suitable place. They do not need to be close to other buildings for construction.
  • Towers are a reliable defense. They bombard approaching enemies with stones and help to observe distant territories.
  • If you build a tower on the edge of the land you can sometimes see the other coasts.
  • Find and read other stones to get clues that will help you in your quest.

    Objectives and Strategies:
    1. Send Scouts to explore island (objective)
    2. Build 2 Huts and 1 Scout Lodge. (Look for gems, strange items and brown shells while your workers are building).
    3. Send Scouts out to explore. While Scouts are exploring, build a Barrack. You don't actually need a Barrack on this level, but it's a good idea to get into the habit of building them in this game.
    4. Read the guide stone close to the existing hut and a tower will be available to build.
    5. Build 5 towers by each of the 5 guide stones throughout the level. There will be highlighted prism circle where you should build the tower. You'll need to build the Towers as close to the water as possible in order to view distant land to collect all the shells.
    6. Remember to send Scouts to explore island.
    7. Find and collect 8 shells throughout the island to open the Diadem of Courage chest on the east of the island. Send an explorer to the chest, select your shells and put them on the chest; then select the Diadem of Courage. Look for some of the shells off the coast of the island on other islands that you can view by building towers.
    8. Go to the most southwest corner of the island off the coast is a dolphin coin. Obtain the coin.


    9. Make sure to open the chest with the 8 shells on the north of the island to collect the Diadem of Courage. (put an exploration flag on the chest and then select the jewels)


    10. Build additional towers along coasts to collect 21 gems total for this and most levels.

    Guide Stones:
  • You can only build a Hunter Camp after you have built a Scout Lodge.
  • Guybrush threepwood was here.
  • Though hunters attack from a distance, neatly throwing their sharp spears, they can not hit a flying target.
  • Hunters use spears, and they use them well.
  • Some of your foes may drop something valuable after they get defeated.
  • Generally it is a good idea to have a mix of different kinds of troops.
  • Hunters are good in setting traps. Once sprung, they become deadly for your fortuneless enemies.

    Objectives and Strategies:
    1. Protect your village (objective). This can be a violent level but small in comparison to what will be in store during the game. You may loose part of your tribe.
    2. Build 2 Huts, 3 Barracks, 3 Towers, Scout Lodge and 1 Hunter Camp. I alternate by building 1 tower, then 1 barrack etc. (Hunter Camp will become available after Scout Lodge is built). Build towers to the south of your village/camp.
    3. Go south and fight a LOT more mushrooms using the battle flag, you may also want to build one or more towers by the large mushrooms. You'll have defeated the "shrooms" when the large mushrooms are demolished.
    4. Now, defend yourself and your tribe against green spiky ball plants (thorn flowers) on the island. Collect 9 green spiked balls (chestnuts) after plant is defeated to unlock the chest east of your camp. 2 defeated thorn flowers will produce 1 chestnut.
    5. Go southwest to find the Monkey Tribe Village, oh but watch out there is some mean and vicious mushrooms and tear drops located just northwest of monkey village; better send your fighters.
    6. Go a little further southwest to fight Shade.
    7. You should receive the Totem of Monkey.
    8. Go northeast; open the chest with your 9 collected chestnuts. You should receive the Pendant of Nature Force after selecting it.;which will give you a 7% chance that a building will be immediately constructed after ordering its' construction.


    10. Select the coin on the southeast beach.


    11. You'll need to return to this island and visit the crystal sphere statue after you receive the Sphere of Clarity.
    12. Remember to protect Aruku and Guro. If one of your heroes gets hurt. You will fail your mission.
    LEVEL 5 - SEAGULL ISLAND (all 21 jewels are on the island)
    Guide Stones:
  • Under the faded out flames, the seeker finds the key to the lock.
  • Archers are weak in close battle, but do great damage from a distance and to also to those who fly.
  • You can greatly improve the weapons and armor of your hunters and archers using a workshop.
  • On some islands you can meet local dwellers. They may ask you for some service.
  • You have to own a workshop and barracks before you can build an archery range.

    Objectives and Strategies:
    1. Explore the island; what's this; no seagulls, just crows!
    2. Build your camp for exploration and protection. Build 2 huts, 1 Scout Lodge, 1 Barrack, 1 Hunters Camp and 1 Towers (you don't really need a tower, but it's a good strategy to get accustomed to.
    3. Take scouts (scouts are faster than fighters and there is no danger at this time to the scouts) to the northwest corner of the island and find the hermit. He will give you a machine part.


    4. Collect any gears you may find along the way. You'll need to collect a total of 5; you'll receive 1 from the Hermit and 4 are hidden throughout the island.
    5. Put the 5 gears on the old workshop in the northeast corner of the island.


    6. Build an Archery Range near your camp. The archers will kill the crows. Take the battle flag over the island by selecting the seagull's nests in trees and kill all the crows. Seagulls will appear when the crows have been defeated.
    7. Select the 12 stones randomly dropped by the crows after defeat. If you don't want to hunt for the stones control your archers by using your battle flag close to the nests in the trees. You'll then be able to see most of the stones drop.
    8. Take the stones to the hermit. You will receive the Totem of Seagull.
    9. Go to the campfire ring to the right of the repaired machine shop. Click on the campfire ring 3 or more times; you should receive a key.
    10. Collect the coin near slightly north of the campfire ring under the wooden boards.
    11. Take the key north of the island to unlock the chest. You will receive the famous Heart of Bull stone. It will give your tribe the strongest health. With this stone; your people will be able to cure themselves over time.


    12. Look for the 21 gems throughout the island.

    [ General Tips ] [ Levels 1 - 5 ] [ Levels 6 - 10 ] [ Levels 11 - 15 ]
    [ Levels 16 - 20 ] [ Levels 21 - 23 ] [ Level Names ]

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