Totem Tribe Walkthrough & Cheats

The Totem Tribe Walkthrough covers a variety of topics including detailed information on how to pass each level, general tips, battle tips, hidden treasure and chest objects, gems, shaman masks, and more.
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Guide stone:

  • Is there anything beyond your reach?

    Objectives and strategies:
    1. Crush the Bugs and Take the Totem
    2. The usual, build your camp with upgrades and strong defenses. I did better when I built, 5 Huts, 4 Hunters Lodges, 10 Shaman Tents, 2 Witch Doctor Shacks plus all other buildings with upgrades.
    3. Take your troops through the mountain pass on the northeast and defeat some beetles.
    4. Build 1 Tower of each kind except frost tower near one of the beetle spawning holes (this can be challenging) and put your battle flag in the middle of the same hole surrounded by your towers. Repair Towers between each battle. The goal is to kill the big beetle so he stops making little beetles. These aren't your ordinary beetles. Concentrating on one hole increases the chance of keeping your towers and inflicting more damage at one time to the big beetle.
    5. Explore northeast after defeating the beetles. Visit the witch's hut. She'll give you seeds and ask for 3 fruits.


    6. Take your troops to an island in the southeast corner to complete a fire puzzle for the Rune of Earth. You shamans will frost the fire wall; that is if you received the power ups on Volcano Island and you built and upgraded your buildings on this level.
    7. Build a Tower on the central east side of this island to acquire some jewels.
    8. Solve the small fires puzzle. The object of this game is to light all the flames. The solution to this puzzle is complicated (possibly random). Selecting one flame pedestal affects the selected pedestal plus two others. See color-coded screenshot (Circle =selected pedestal which will affect the 2 pedestals with lines of the same color as the circle).


    I had to do the following cycle 7 times (for 7 pedestals) going in a clockwise circle: 1) select a pedestal, 2) skip next pedestal, 3) select next pedestal, 4) skip next pedestal, 5) select next pedestal, 6) select next pedestal, now go counter-clockwise: 7) skip next pedestal and 8) select next pedestal (end of first of seven cycles). Repeat sequence again starting with the next pedestal going clockwise from the first pedestal you started cycle OR select the following colored circles in this order:
    a) White, Orange, Green, Blue and Yellow
    b) Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple and Green
    c) Orange, Green, Purple, White and Blue
    d) Yellow, Blue, White, Red and Purple
    e) Green, Purple, Red, Orange and White
    f) Blue, White, Orange, Yellow and Red
    g) Purple, Red, Yellow, Green and Orange

    8. After you receive the Rune of Earth, put it one the gate in the northwest corner of your island. The gate should disappear.



    9. Open chest north of the gate, and then take scouts to the west on a small barely visible path that leads to an island to the west collect the bowl on the island.


    10. Plant your seeds in the fertile area of land located on the island with the bowl. Water the fertile area of land 3 times using water from the water ponds on the islands. One is on the island with the bowl; one is in a water pond central west of the island and another is below the mountains in the middle of the island in a water pond.




    13. The tree should produce 3 pieces of fruit to give to the witch. You have just acquired an herb garden with upgrades.
    14. RETURN TO ISLAND WHEN TRIBE CAN SWIM; AFTER SHARK ARCHIPELAGO TO OPEN CHEST IN SOUTHEAST CORNER to obtain the Necklace of Spirits which strengthens your shamans.


    also build tower or swim to island in the southeast for gems.

    Guide stones:
  • There is too much dirt on this island (select the pulsating mounds of dirt)
  • There flowers know the truth (remember color order of flowers)
  • Do not feed the sharks.

    Objectives and Strategies:
    1. Find Totem of Shark
    2. You only have 1 scout on this mission that travels to different islands via a teleport device when a correct item is inputted into the device. The looks like a shaman. You'll have several puzzles to solve on this level. Collect 2 valves, travel crystals, 53 turtle shells (24 green and 29 blue) and energy spheres.
    3. Collect the first valve on this island by exploring. Solve the puzzle on the south central side of this island. Select the 4 diamond shaped puzzle pieces until all the diamond shapes are pointed outward. Select the rectangular pieces until all the curves are outward. A pink travel crystal will appear.


    4. Have your scout travel to the shaman teleport device. Put the pink travel crystal in device. Select teleport device and you will travel to another island.
    5. Select the pulsating mounds of dirt to receive yellow travel crystal. Remember the color order of the flowers on the southeast.
    6. Solve another puzzle to obtain an energy sphere. Put the colored balls in the same order in the top tower on the bottom left tower. Top to bottom: Gold, Silver and Bronze; by selecting the pedestals with the squares. Select them in this order from the color coded screenshot: Red, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Blue, Red, Yellow and Blue.


    7. Go to the shaman teleport device circle. The teleport is on when the pink crystal is illuminated. You are teleported to the initial island (ISLAND white). The pink device is the island you're on (ISLAND white). The bottom device is where the yellow crystal goes (ISLAND yellow). The soon to be collected blue crystal (ISLAND blue). You'll need to know this to teleport from one island to the next and your scout will have to be close to the device to be transported. Select the yellow crystal now.
    8. Explore the island; you will accrue an additional scout. The second valve should be on this island. When I played the game again the valve was in a different location. Solve the puzzle surrounding the mountains by putting the colored orbs in the same order your flowers were in on Island B; you'll receive the blue crystal.


    9. Travel to island B/pink it put the blue crystal in the missing teleport.
    10. Travel to island D/blue to put the faucets in water line pedestals. Put crystal sphere in pedestal in south of blue island to receive aqua lungs in a chest north of the island. Your scouts can now swim. And boy do they love to swim. Should you loose a scout as shark food, your scout lodge will train another. I would advise keeping your scout in the middle of your camp from now on until you're ready for them to explore. See Screenshot.


    11. Collect 24 green shells by exploring the islands and having your scouts swim around the islands on the outside circle avoiding the sharks.
    Give shells to tribe leader in tower. The tribe will kill some of the sharks with the arrow tower.


    12. When it's safe for your scout or you feel really brave have scouts swim south to explore tower east of arrow tower and put other crystal sphere in pedestal.


    13. Now let's light the towers correctly to receive in chest in the middle island. The solution is to have light beams connect from one tower to another without crossing any of the light beams. I've color coded and lettered the island on the screen shot.
  • Select the tower on this island and have the light beam face west (A-red)


  • Go to the next island to the west and have that tower light beam face north (B-orange)
  • Go the tower central north island and have that tower light beam face east (C-yellow)


  • Go to the next tower east and have that tower light beam face south (D-green)
  • Go to the island slightly south and have that tower beam face west (E-blue)


  • Now to the last island directly to the west; have that tower beam face south (F-purple)


  • The game will take you directly to the chest if solved correctly. Collect the orange water rune.


    14. Go the island in the northeast and put run on gate and collect the shaman mask


    15. After you've collected 32 blue turtle shells go to the island in the center of all the islands to collect the totem of the shark


    16. Now let's backtrack and find jewels and chests on the following islands:
  • Tutela Island on the northwest corner there are jewels and chests of jewels with a guide stone (Good things come to those who seek them.


  • Go back to Cradle of The North to get jewels at the west of the island and open chest on east part of the island (you may have already accomplished all/or part of this if you followed this walkthrough).



  • Beetle Island to collect jewels and the Necklace of Spirits.


    Guide stones:
  • Make your choice

    Objectives and Strategies:
    1. Build your camp and fully upgrade; concentrate putting all types of towers on the north of your camp in front and along the sides of the large pyramid.
    2. Find the Main Temple
    3. During your explorations using scouts you'll need to collect 12 ea. carambolas (beige in color, similar to star fruit), oranges, bananas, papayas and pineapples. There are 5 idols on this island.
    4. Claim 5 idols by giving them the fruit they desire, and then activate them before battle. Smaller pyramids will light up once you own the idols and small battles will occur over the main part of the island. TIP FOR LOST TEMPLE: When each idol is activated the screen cuts to a small pyramid with four colored flames surrounding it. Write these five colors down in order from left to right. You'll need to know these colors for a puzzle on the Lost Temple.
    5. Select the middle large pyramid several times (I had to select it 6 times) to receive some gems.
    6. Now you're in for a long battle, put your battle flag close to the Evil Aruku.


    7. Select the idol of Divination to open the dark space south of your camp to reveal button. Select the button 2 times to open the paths on each side of the mountains; and let your scout open chests to receive the Masking Cloak and a Shaman Mask.



    8. Now let's solve the Sudoku type puzzle on the north of the camp behind the large pyramid to receive the Scroll of Thunder Magic. You'll only be able to move 2 squares on each column. The solution, with pillars left to right:


    A: sun, moon, star, lightening
    B: moon, star, lightening, sun
    C: star, lightening, sun, moon
    D: lightening, sun, moon, star
    9. Locate the 4 sections on the island that have a light pink/red pulsing circle. You'll have to be fast on the following steps have to be done almost simultaneously. The red pulsing circles will turn green when occupied: See screen shots for locations.


  • Place explorer flag in the middle of the lower right pulsing circle which is located central east of the island. You should receive some jewels from the middle temple/pyramid. Your idols will need to be charged. You will have to click the temple several times before it will give you the jewels. It will tell you there is nothing there. Keep the explorer flag/scouts there.


  • Put your troops on the northeast pulsing circle.
  • Build a Tower on the top left pulsing red circle on the northwest of the island
  • Put Aruku or Guru on the lower southwest pulsing circle. This is harder than it sounds. The hero and the builders have to be within the circles at the same time. It's somewhat difficult to move the heroes.
    When this is completed a chest will appear in the northeast corner, the map to the Lost Temple is inside. You'll also need all the shaman masks to open chest.


    Gem Tip: When each idol is activated the screen cuts to a stone pedestal and a particular color shows up in the pedestal's four corners. Write these five colors down in order from left to right. This note will come in handy on the next island.

    Objectives and Strategies:
    1. Find King Shade's Hideout
    2. Same song, different tune...Build your camp with all upgrades. I didn't build towers. Be prepared to fight several Prince Shades and King Shade.
    3. Your scouts will be invisible to the shades due to the cloak found on the Island of Worship. They can explore the island while you're building your defense.
    4. Activate all the obelisk stones, they will flash when activated and the islands in the northeast will connect.


    5. Collect the Tribal Amulet in the chest in the northeast. The amulet make cavemen move faster.
    6. Your units travel via teleport on this level after the black veil has been removed. The teleport spots are the pulsating black rings. The following screen shot shows which teleport ring your units will be transported to.


    7. There are 4 groups of Prince of Shades that you'll need to battle. Circled in white in above screen shot. When you defeat each group of shades, they will leave a dark essence. Rebuild your troops between battles.
    8. Put each dark essence in the 4 lanterns in the middle of the camp.
    9. Build your defenses from the last battle; put your flag near the hole in the middle of the island. You will be transported to King Shade's abyss. Your whole village will travel there. You can build towers and witch shacks.
    NO YOU'VE DEFEATED SHADE...but what's with that comet??

    Guide stones:
  • Five gates guard the path to the temple. Five trials (battles) await the one who dares to pass through them.
  • There is a special reward for devoted pilgrims from the Island of Worship.

    Objectives and Strategies:
    1. Find a path to the Temple
    2. Ok, you know the drill build your camp! Put different types of towers on the west of your camp amongst and before the trees.
    3. Explore the island as much as you can with your scouts while building your camp; your scouts are invisible due to the cloak.
    4. Open first gate.
    5. Select each of the five devices throughout the island. 5 colors will appear above the devices along with a picture of a rune.






    6. TO RECEIVE JEWELS SELECT THE COLORED DEVICES IN THIS ORDER: red, blue, yellow, pink, green (this was the order from the small temples on Worship Island)
    7. Go to the central part of the island. You'll see 5 lit pedestals and 5 unlit pedestals. Select a color sequence from one of the devices and the unlit pedestals will light up in that order (repeat this step for the other 4 devices). You should receive a map showing the location a rune for the corresponding rune from each device. Locate the runes: Fire - northwest corner.


    Water - central island slightly southwest of pedestal area


    Sun - northeast corner by rocks with obelisk


    Lightening - north east corner by plants


    Earth - south central of the island


    8. Take troops to southwest portion of the island near or in trees. Put the corresponding rune into each of the gates on the central north of the island. There will be a battle from the forest west of your camp for each opened gate.


    finish 1 battle and rebuild your troops before starting next battle by placing corresponding rune in door: Each subsequent attack is progressively more difficult: Rune of Water - mushroom attack.
    9. Beat off attack to pass trial.
    10. Open second gate: Rune of Earth - Bubble Spirits battle
    11. Beat off attack to pass trial.
    12. Open third gate: Rune of Fire - Bubble Spirits, Water spirits and Green flying dragons.
    13. Beat off attack to pass trial.
    14. Open fourth gate: Rune of Lightening - Bubble Spirits, Mushrooms, Green flying dragons, Red flying dragons and Wood Spirits
    15. Beat off attack to pass trail.
    16. Open fifth gate: Rune of Sun - Wood Spirits, Bubble Spirits, Red flying dragons, Mushrooms, Green flying dragons, and Evil Eye
    17. Beat off attack to pass trail.
    18. Visit the temple to island north west of camp to receive the temple building. Your last building.


    [ General Tips ] [ Levels 1 - 5 ] [ Levels 6 - 10 ] [ Levels 11 - 15 ]
    [ Levels 16 - 20 ] [ Levels 21 - 23 ] [ Level Names ]

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