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The Totem Tribe Walkthrough covers a variety of topics including detailed information on how to pass each level, general tips, battle tips, hidden treasure and chest objects, gems, shaman masks, and more.
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Guide stones:

  • Only a strike of lightening can shatter Thurisaz (green) crystals
  • You can destroy Fehu (orange) crystals
  • Ur (blue) crystal formations are vulnerable to frost.

    Objectives and Strategies:
    1. Find a way to approach the comet
    2. You will not be able to build on this island. You will have to charge your You control Aruku and Guro
    3. Go exploring; collect 7 Ur (blue) crystals, 9 Thurisaz (green) crystals and 5 Fehu (orange) crystals.
    4. Collect 9 Thurisaz (green) crystals on the island you have access to at this time making sure to eliminate the black veil near the shores. Purchase with crystals the Idol of Storm and activate


    5. Activate the Idol of Storm and use the power- up to destroy green crystal formation. Use thunderstorm again for thorn plants northwest of the island after the blue and green crystal formations have been demolished. The thorn plants will kill your heroes if they get too close for very long.
    6. Explore more of the island and collect 7 Ur (blue crystals). Activate the Idol of Frost and use on the blue crystal formation.


    7. Collect 5 Fehu (orange) crystals for the Idol of flame, activate idol to destroy orange crystal formation.


    8. Reactive all the Idols to clear a path to the comet that's central north of the island


    9. Find some jewels by going to the south central of the island. You'll see bow on a pedestal with four square pedestals around it. The 2 upper squares move the bow in the direction of the squares. The two lower squares increase and decrease the power intensity of the bow indicated by 5 red (lower intensity) or green (higher intensity) lights. Select the bow to shoot.


    a) Put the bow's intensity to 2 green lights, aim to the northwest mountain and click the bow 3 times.


    b) Put the bow's intensity to 5 green lights, aim to the north mountain and click the bow 3 times.


    c) Put the bow's intensity to 3 green lights, aim to the north east mountain and click the bow 3 times.


    10. Let's play mini games after playing these mini games a token will appear on the purple crystals:
    a) Northwest corner surrounding a crystal pedestal. Light all the small lights by selecting the correct large lights. Put Wolf Totem here after solving puzzle. See screenshot.


    b) Well game on northwest of island. Go close to purple obelisk to receive coins. See screen shot. 1: put your tin coins in well A to receive all copper coins. 2) Put your copper coins in wells C & D. 3) put your odd copper coin into well B. 4: Repeat steps 2 & 3 to get rid of all your coins. Put the totem of the lion on the purple crystal formation when completed.
    c) Matching game central north: Just a simple matching game. Select a small square pedestal and find its match. The pedestals will then disappear. Put snake totem on purple crystal after puzzle is solved


    d) North east game. Object is to move the black lights to the right and the white lights to the left. One pedestal has a gold sphere on it. You can reset the puzzle by using the square pedestal at the bottom right of the game. Put crow totem on this crystal after puzzle is solved. Letter the pedestals from left to right. Select the pedestals in this order. E, C, B, D, F, G, C, A, B, D, F, E, C, D


    11. Reactive all 3 idols
    12. Destroy all crystal pedestals. You may have already demolished some of the crystal per instructions above...no sweat...just want to cover again...just in case I missed something. See Screen shot


    a) Put dark crow totem on purple crystal formation on the northwest
    b) Put dark lion totem on purple crystal formation on the southwest
    c) Put dark shark totem on purple crystal formation in the central south
    d) Put dark snake totem on purple crystal formation in the central north
    e) Ok, the dark beetle totem is a tricky puzzle and may take some practice. There are 5 purple obelisks on the island that will light up briefly when selected. See screen shot above for locations. You have to light all 5 simultaneously to active the purple crystal on the central west coast. Use your map to get to each obelisk quickly; they show on your map by a small dark circle. Start with the 2 obelisks in the northwest and select them at the same time. Then quickly move to the 2 other obelisks south, then to the purple crystal formation and select those 2. When done correctly you can place the dark beetle totem on the formation to destroy it.
    13. Find an entrance to the comet. Go to the comet entrance (make sure your idols are activated). If you haven't demolished the crystal formations blocking the entrance do so now.

    LEVEL 22 - GUARDIAN MOON (you can only play this level if you have collected all the gems in previous levels completing Rainbow Road)

    Objectives and Strategies:
    1. Explore Guardian Moon. Aruku is your only unit on this level. You will see images of the past and future in pools.
    2. This is similar to Mist Island. Collect 4 spheres and 4 lightening devices. Put the lightening devices where the lightening is...makes sense. Find the clear crystal spheres, charge some of the spheres on the sphere charger and put on devices to light towers to dissipate the fog/clouds.
    3. The light puzzle...ok, it took me a while to figure this one out. The objective is to turn on all the lights and receive the Relic of Prosperity. I'm hoping my explanation is helpful. Work on turning one sphere on at a time by going through the following sequence for every unlit sphere.


    A) Click on the unlit sphere (only click it 1 time in every sequence).
    B) Next click on EVERY sphere in the unlit sphere's row
    C) Then click on EVERY sphere in that sphere's column - do not reselect the original sphere you want to turn on in this sequence.
    D) Repeat steps A through C for the next unlit sphere you want to turn on.
    4. Brick Puzzle - The goal is to reach the top of the puzzle to receive a sphere. Every third move Aruku needs to land on a circle or you'll have to start over. The squares at the bottom of the puzzle move Aruku on the puzzle above in the same direction the square is laying. I've numbered the steps in the screen shot


    5. See screenshot for general locations of spheres, sphere charger and lightening devices







    6. Dip Tear of Heaven to Waters...this action can change the ending of your game. **Ending spoiler** There are 3 different endings to the game:
    a) Perfect Ending (which should happen if you defeat the next level and dip the Tear of Heaven into water): Aruku defeats the octopus and restores the condition of the planet before the confrontation.
    b) Good Ending: The octopus inside the comet is killed. The world is in shambles, so Aruku decides to rebuild as the threat no longer exists.
    c) Evil Ending: Defeat the idol inside the comet. Then feed your tribe to the hungry mouth pits as a sacrifice. Once the pits are full, Aruku takes control over the planet and is the ultimate tyrant.

    LEVEL 23 - INSIDE THE COMET, it's up to you how this game ends...see above. Therefore, I didn't concentrate on many of the steps on this level.

    Objectives and Strategies
    1. Build a massive army while defending village and heroes. I concentrated heavily on towers, shamans, temples and witch doctor shacks.(Easier said than done!)
    2. Battle the Master of the Comet


    Perfect and good ending:
  • Have your invisible scouts explore island. Try to do this while you are building your village or while defeating the Master of the Comet. Find 6 purple towers/obelisks and destroy them (these are not the obelisks surrounding the final monster), select them to demolish them to weaken the octopus thing the game calls it a mysterious creature. If you don't demolish the purple obelisks, the mysterious creature will keep rejuvenating itself. You will be offered the Tear of Heaven (possibly the purified Tear of Heaven if you purified it on Guardian Moon) when the mysterious creature is almost dead, this will finish him off. See screen shot for picture of one of the obelisks.


  • I sent my troops back to camp several times to build them up and then went to battle the mysterious creature.
    Evil ending:
  • Sacrifice your village by feeding the mouth pits with your people.

    3. What will your report card say at the end?

    [ General Tips ] [ Levels 1 - 5 ] [ Levels 6 - 10 ] [ Levels 11 - 15 ]
    [ Levels 16 - 20 ] [ Levels 21 - 23 ] [ Level Names ]

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