Totem Tribe Walkthrough & Cheats

The Totem Tribe Walkthrough covers a variety of topics including detailed information on how to pass each level, general tips, battle tips, hidden treasure and chest objects, gems, shaman masks, and more.
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Guide Stones:

  • Guide stones:
  • In the middle is violet.
  • Red is to the right of yellow.
  • Green and red are alongside.
  • Yellow is between violet and blue.
  • Ice can be melted with fire.
  • Sometimes you will come across the ancient idols - the sources of powerful magic. Click on the idol to know what is needed to activate it.

    Objectives and Strategies:
    1. Build 10 huts and build them as close together as possible; you only need to build 8 as there are 2 existing huts. I BUILD 9 HUTS THEN SET UP ALL MY DEFENCES, THEN BUILD THE TENTH HUT as the attacks don't start until the "build ten huts" objective is achieved. Build the rest of your camp; build 1 Scout Lodge, 2 Barracks, 4 or more towers ( I built 8 around the perimeter of the camp); 2 north, 2 east, 2 west and 2 south, 2 hunters camp, 1 workshop (upgrade your workshop) and 1 archery range. You will be attacked by all sorts of unidentifiable creatures. There is a timer in the top left corner of the screen that counts down when each attack will occur.
    2. Upgrade your towers to arrow towers. Select the tower a pop-up menu will appear; select arrow. Repair your towers and buildings if needed. Select the building; it will have a double wrench icon if it needs to be repaired.
    3. Cancel the attack battle flag so your troops can defend anywhere as you'll be attacked from many sides; mostly north and south.
    4. Defend yourself (objective). In other words; watch out.
    5. Attacks: 1) Land 2) Air 3) Land and Air 4) Land and Air
    6. Now that you've finally defeated the enemy, it's time to explore.
    7. Explore slightly north and defeat the hairy monsters around the hollow of the tree. The wooden liar will be demolished when these enemies are defeated and a coin will appear.


    8. Select the coin north of the demolished tree.


    9. Head south so you can figure what the guide stones were telling you regarding colors. You will see an idol in the middle with 5 pedestals around it. Select each pedestal multiple times to get the following sequence from left to right. Blue, yellow, violet, green and red. A flame should appear on top of the idol; capture the flame to use later on this level. You should receive a meteor shower power up after the idol has charged the idol can be recharged multiple times.


    10. There is a chest southeast of the idol you need to open.


    11. Go to the most northeast corner to the ice block, use the meteor shower received from the idol. You should receive the Hunter's Lucky Stone, and it makes hunters not only lucky, but also stronger and more swift (I know improper grammar; I didn't write it the game did).


    12. Explore the island for gems.

    Guide Stones:
  • One of the roots is behind the old wooden log.
  • One of the roots is in the green swamp mud (stone ring with green looking lave in the middle).
  • One of the roots is behind the mountain

    Objectives and Strategies:
    1. Find Witch's Hut by using the exploration flag. The Witch's hut is on the northwest corner.


    2. Collect 10 roots (which can be excruciatingly difficult to find) and give to the witch. The placement of the roots is random per game . I used the magnifier on my computer to assist in locating the items. Check every swamp pond, behind all logs and behind the mountain for some of the roots. To use the magnifier on your computer (if you have one) select your Start menu, then select all programs, then Accessories, then accessibility and then select Magnifier. You can adjust the scale of the Magnifier from 1-9; 9 being the greatest magnification. I used a magnification of 4.
    3. So much for your people healing themselves! See screenshot to see what ALL the roots look like. They are hidden amongst things of the same color.


    5. Build Witch Doctor Shack. Your tribe will gradually be healed. You need to prepare to defeat the Noxious Tower in the northeast corner.
    6. Build a Workshop and upgrade the Workshop two times.
    7. Build 1 Barrack, 1 Scout Lodge, 2 archery ranges, and 2 hunters camps
    8. Put your battle flag near the Noxious Tower. See screenshot above on step 2.
    9. You'll need to return to the island after your tribe has received the Fire Tower from Frozen Vale Island OR when you have shamans to destroy the ice block OR when your tribe has the ability to swim.


    Guide Stones:
  • Once there was a tower here, maybe we should rebuild it?
  • You are entering the forest of the dead

    Objectives and Strategies:
    1. Destroy Enemies to find Totem. There are 3 hostile creatures that might have a Totem. Build/train a large army, find the creatures and defeat them. Build a blacksmith to improve the weapons and armor of our fighters. Enemies will come early.
    3. YOU'LL HAVE TO BUILD YOUR BUILDINGS VERY CLOSE TOGETHER: Build 2 Huts and 1 Barrack. Build 1 Tower by guide stone where a demolished Tower is on the northwest corner of your camp. Build 3 Towers at the south of your camp, 1 Scout Lodge, 1 Workshop (upgrade 2 times), 1 Archery, 4 Hunters Camps, 1 Witch Doctor Shack and the new Smithy Shop (upgrade the Smithy Shop 2 times).
    4. Pick up bones left behind from your defeated enemies as you are building along with any jewels you may find. You'll need to collect 20 bones to receive the peace idol, 10 for the purity idol and 25 for a chest (55 total). Some of the bones appear as skulls. Hum, could you be on Skull Island! Try to accumulate the bones quickly to get the Peace Idol; located slightly west of your camp. The Idol will think for a while. A button will appear, select the button to charge the Idol; you will receive a peace power up you can use in your battles. THE IDOLS CAN RECHARGE GIVING YOU ADDITIONAL POWER-UPS IF NEEDED.
    5. Now you're ready to explore the northwest portion of the island using the battle flag; collect 10 additional bones for the idol of Purity on another island on the northwest corner of your map. Once you've given the idol the 10 bones, select her and she will charge, she will give you a charge button to restore your troop's health to use during your battles.


    6. When you attack on the northeast part of the island you should receive some tower designs give them to the wise man. See screen shot. You should receive several upgrades and the Mud Tower building design. Upgrade your wise man's house.
    7. Build Mud and Arrow towers ESPECIALLY TO THE EAST (there will be a surprise attack shortly after you defeat the enemies in the south and your troops won't have time to commute here) and south of your camp; BEFORE you explore the rest of the island.
    8. Have your armies explore the southeast and southwest corners of the island.


    9. When you attack on the southeast corner you should receive the Totem of Lizard.


    10. HURRY! Another battle will pop up on the east of your camp; you'll be given a new objective.
    11. Explore the Hidden Valley on the east of the island between the mountains; you'll need to defeat Shade.
    12. Collect 25 additional bones for a chest. Some of the bones are difficult to find as they are the color of the rocks and mountains to receive the Traveler's Boots.


    13. Build a Tower on the east side of the southwest peninsula to receive a coin.


    Guide stones:
  • Look for a piece of coal where the fire has burned (campfire).
  • Black Bird stole black stone (piece of coal).
  • Circles on the water are the sign of fish abundance.

    Objectives and Strategies:
    1. Find a way to pass through the ice
    2. Set up camp: Build 2 huts, 1 each of all available buildings plus all upgrades. (Select a building to see if it can be upgraded if you can't remember which ones can be upgraded after Skull Island level) Build the tower near the ice blocks. You'll have to build towers by all ice blocks to complete the level; you may do this now or later.
    3. Collect 55 conch shells (you'll need 25 for an idol and 30 for a chest), 5 pieces of coal and parts to a fishing pole (rod, bait, bobber, hook and fishing line) throughout the island as you explore. When you collected all the pieces of the fishing pole, the fishing pole will automatically come together.
    4. Explore as much of the island as you can for now. You can only explore a small part of the island at this time, as the ice blocks are preventing exploration to parts of the island. You should also meet a Hermit on the northwest portion of the island during this exploration asking you to free the penguins. You'll be able to free them after giving the coal to Isoko and building some Fire Towers.
    5. Collect 5 pieces of coal for Isoko (you'll have to take your troops to on the northwest portion of the island you now have access to, to shoot a crow for one of the pieces of coal; the other pieces may hidden randomly. You should receive the Fire Tower building availability and research for fire powder.






    6. Build a laboratory near your camp and research fire power. After the laboratory has researched fire power; build Fire Towers near ALL the ice blocks. The Fire Tower will melt the ice blocks.
    7. Take your scouts north to open chest.


    8. Now, take your armies and your scouts to explore the opened parts of the island continuing to pick up gems, shells and the parts of a fishing pole. You'll need to build additional Fire Towers on your journey to melt more ice blocks to free more penguins and to obtain more shells in the upper northeast section of the island.


    9. When you free all the penguins and feed them fish the Hermit will give you a map to the Lonely Iceberg.
    10. When you have 25 shells explore the northeast portion of the island, give the shells to the Idol, to activate the idol of Divination; then explore the remainder of the peninsula. You should receive the clairvoyance spell where you can see beyond your reach.


    11. Use the newly acquired clairvoyance spell to open the dark spot to the southeast of the idol to collect the Totem of Bear.


    12. Recharge the idol and use again on the dark spot in the northwest to collect the fishing line.


    13. When you've collected all the pieces of the fishing pole, go fishing under the campfire ring located middle south of the island.


    OR anywhere there are rings in the water.
    14. Give your caught fish to the Hermit, if all the penguins are freed you should receive a map to the Lonely Iceberg.


    15. Collect 30 additional shells to unlock chest on the northwest corner of the island to receive another coin. Build a Fire Tower nearby to collect shells.


    1. Build a "Smithy" house, the wiseman's house and the Laboratory and upgrade all of these buildings to their full potential. You can get by with only upgrading the Laboratory, however, best to practice for later levels.
    2. Build a Fire Tower near ice block northeast of island.


    3. Open chest to the right of the snowy mountains to receive jewels.
    4. Explore the peninsula further to the southeast to open another chest. Look more jewels! Keep going on the peninsula, there are 2 more chests with jewels (one contains a coin). Unlock the middle silver chest by selecting the rock obelisks in the correct order to collect the sphere of Clarity. The rock obelisks will light when selected, they will stay on if selected in the correct order until a rock obelisk is selected in the wrong order, they will turn off and you'll have to start over. See screenshot.


    RETURN TO MONKEY ISLAND if you obtained the sphere of clarity on Witch Island:
    1. Select the crystal sphere statue and an island will be exposed. Find the gems on the island.



    Guide Stones:
  • Beware! Wild Ruthless Yeti!
  • Enchanted Forest!
  • You can catch wandering lights
  • Secret Passage

    Objectives and Strategies:
    1. Track down the Totem Beast
    2. Completely build your camp with every possible building and upgrade; build 1 additional witch doctor hut (2 total). Build 2 towers to the west.
    3. You'll need to collect 12 jewels of power on this level. Destroy the slime liars directly north and northwest of your camp.
    4. Build a Fire Tower close to exposed ice blocks.
    5. Catch 4 wandering yellow lights in the pine forest (Enchanted Forest) to the west (you'll have to be quick) to light campfires near camp to open chest to obtain the Bracelet of Hawk (buildings will train troops faster).
    6. Build a Tower on the east of the campfires and purchase the idol (on island) for 12 jewels of power and activate the idol. (oops sorry lost screenshot)
    7. Now head west with your troops where the ice blocks were to defeat the Yeti's. You'll need to do this 2 times.
    8. Build a Tower on the east of the campfires and purchase the idol (on island) for 12 jewels of power and activate the idol. (oops sorry lost screenshot) [t_10_03.jpg" include_dir="totem_tribe">
    9. After you clear the second set of ice blocks, you'll find a guide stone saying "Secret Passage" There's a secret passage right behind the guide stone (well, finally an easy one!)
    10. Oops not so fast, you need to defeat the GIANT YETI! Use the battle fury power on your troops several times to assist in the annihilation of the giant yeti. This defeat can take a while. Try to lure the Giant Yeti closer to your Flame Towers. Once the Giant Yeti is defeated you will receive the Totem of the Whale (all 6 totems have now been received).
    11. Go through secret passage.


    12. Build a Tower on the southeast to collect some jewels.


    13. Build another Tower on the island that was just exposed (this will take some time as the workers are unable to reach the island...just trust me, the tower will build itself). Bingo! 7 Coins you may now purchase the market place building from the traders.


    14. Purchase Market Place blueprints (when upgraded the Market Place spawn 1 more unit per building and units are faster).


    [ General Tips ] [ Levels 1 - 5 ] [ Levels 6 - 10 ] [ Levels 11 - 15 ]
    [ Levels 16 - 20 ] [ Levels 21 - 23 ] [ Level Names ]

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